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Vincent Coppola Galleries





Welcome to my web gallery.

I have substantially enlarged the number of works that you can inspect. Click on the "NEW PAINTINGS!!" link above to see them. Please make copies if you wish. My purpose in making this display of paintings and sculpture--( We should always have purposes, being rational beings that we are.) is to share with you what has given me much pleasure in creating. If it gives others pleasure, my goal has been met. After all it is not always to possess or consume that gives pleasure, but the highest enjoyment is somewhat non-material in nature: for example, the simple pleasure of just "seeing" a landscape or the exhilaration the visual panorama of the Grand Canyon gives: the auditory experience of listening to fine music that transports us out of our depressive state or ennui of daily living.


Please feel free to E-Mail Vince with your thoughts. (

This is a work in progress and contains only a portion of the collected works of the artist.

Please come back as more artwork is to be added.